Mau Mau 2.31

Entertaining card game based on Uno

Free Size: :390.79 kB

ChessGenius 2.2

ChessGenius for Windows powered Smartphones has superb playing strength and is packed with features for beginners and experts. Written by Richard...

Free Size: :410.82 kB

Omar Sharif Bridge 3.00

For those of you not aware of him, Omar Sharif used to be a famous film star. Then he got bored of that and took up Bridge. When he was fed up with...

Free Size: :679.33 kB

True Connect 3.0

Now here's some award-winning software for you. True Connect enables you to gain complete control of your mobile phone via the keyboard and mouse...

Free Size: :1.76 MB

UNO Classic 2007 1.0.8

UNO Classic 2007 is a fun version of the popular card game for mobile phones. There's one simple objective - get rid of all your cards and shout...

Free Size: :746.07 kB

Dominoes 3.0

Dominoes is a game, that I suddenly realised when I played this version, I have no understanding of whatsoever. It's always been a very simple game...

Free Size: :962.70 kB

Aces Blackjack 1.0.12

Fancy yourself as a bit of a card shark but too frightened to bet with real money? Well Aces Blackjack is as near as you can get to the real thing...

Free Size: :2.12 MB

Real Dice BlackJack 1.18

Play Black Jack on your own or over the Internet

Free Size: :1.43 MB

ISS Blackjack 3.6.2

If you're a fan of Blackjack (also known as 'Pontoon' or '21') but can't be bothered with all the dealing and shuffling of the real thing then...

Free Size: :226.60 kB


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