QuickMilk is a client for the „Remember the Milk“ todo list web service, optimized for performance.

Free Size: :259 kb


This Application is created for the students in order to let them keep track of their Class Routine .

Free Size: :2190 kb


This application will help users to calculate the total percentage of five subjects.

Free Size: :656 kb

The Average-er

This is a simple application that allows you to easily calculate the average, the median, and the sum of up to 21 numbers.

Free Size: :118 kb


ElektroBage - a program to display textual information on the phone. Information can be displayed either as a fixed text, as well as scrolling text.

Free Size: :62 kb

Marketing 101

WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for Marketing 101.The app helps you understand the basics in a nice and organized manner.

Free Size: :7317

Simple Calculator

This app is a simple and easy to use calculator.

Free Size: :48 kb


This app will help users to calculate Simple Interest on a particular sum within a moment.

Free Size: :102 kb

Matrix Calculator

This is a powerful tool for solving calculating problems between matrices. It can calculate many matrix operations such as plus, minus, multiply, divide, transposition and...

Free Size: :277 kb


Calculate the resistor value and tolerance from the combination of colour bands.

Free Size: :172 kb