This test is based on the Stroop Effect, a psychological phenomenon that describes the difficulty in naming the print colour of a word when the text refers to an 'incongruent'...

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Voice Chat

Voice Chat is an artificial intelligence chat-bot. Have fun with Voice Chat’s bot, Eve, by having an informal chat and talking to her as you would to a friend.

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MTG Personal Assistant

MTG Personal Assistant is a great way to manage your Magic the Gathering games.

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Numbers are key to life, character, future, luck, destiny! Know your character by the date of your birth. This app predicts character based on the date of birth.

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My Band is a set of a piano, guitar and a drum.you can play each of them individually.

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Metro Double Bass

Metro Double Bass is a simple keyboard imitating app that plays sounds of a standard double bass.

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Ugly Face Meter

Did you ever wondered how appealing is your face? Test yourself! Just take a picture and let the app scan it!

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Family Guy - Stewie

Victory is mine! Damn you vile woman! Enjoy these and more great audio clips from everyone's favorite baby on Family Guy!

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Fart Nukes Pro

Fart Nukes Pro is a hilarious fart app which can be used to amuse your friends and family!

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Mark your photos with crazy, zany, clipart effects! Take photos with the camera or use existing pictures. Add clipart to your photos!

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